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If your desire is to NEVER paint again, INSIDE or OUT, Burr’s now your Smart Choice for painting too…

…we offer solutions for both the inside and outside of your home.

Solution #1, for your home’s exterior Why Improve Your House? Maybe you had Burr install your siding; cozy-looking cedar, durable yet beautiful Hardie Plank fiber cement siding, or virtually maintenance-free vinyl for an exciting exterior face lift. Inevitably these all need attention if you want to extend their useful life, and maintain the beauty and the value of your home. All siding needs to be cleaned every couple years to stay looking great and new. Burr’s new interior & exterior painting service includes power washing. Call Burr today, (866) 305-6750, to schedule your siding freshen-up and return your house to that newly-sided look. But don’t stop there. Power washing is a great “prep step” for all siding, exterior trim & molding, like sills, window and door frames, soffits, eves, etc., that requires a fresh coat of pain or stain, like red or white cedar or composite like Hardie Plank, which will eventually need painting too. The success of any custom house painting project rests heavily upon complete and thorough preparation. Failure to properly prepare all surfaces results in premature failure of the paint project and potentially voids any material warrantees. Therefore, we only apply paint to clean, dry, properly prepared surfaces.


The proper exterior preparation steps Residential Exterior Painting & Staining Contractors should follow are:

  1. Thoroughly power wash all surfaces to be painted with a solution of Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) and exterior bleach. This removes surface dirt, kills mold and mildew and exposes areas of loose and peeling paint.
  2. Once the wood has thoroughly dried following power washing, we will spot scrape to remove any remaining loose or peeling paint. Applying new paint over loose or peeling paint will virtually guarantee premature failure.
  3. All course edges of paint will then be feather sanded to create smooth edges.
  4. All voids will be caulked with flexible painter’s caulk. Caulking all voids reduces the potential of harmful water infiltration. This will increase the lifetime of the project.
  5. All bare wood surfaces will be “spot primed” with tinted “Trouble Shooter”-type acrylic latex primer. This is specially formulated to neutralize tannin and sugar bleed stains while maintaining maximum breathability, adhesion and mildew resistance.

Proceeding with FINISH paint will only occur AFTER all preparations are thorough and complete. Any rotted or damaged siding, window frames or finishing lumber should be replaced and are not part of any paint project unless specifically noted.


Finish Paint:

  1. All currently painted exterior surfaces will be covered with TWO (2) finish coats of premium flat latex exterior house paint. All custom exterior paint will be applied by brush, not rolled, to assure maximum coverage and protection.


  1. A premium exterior house paint which offers maximum adhesion, breathability, flexibility, color retention, mildew, water and alkali resistance will be used, which is smooth flowing, easy to apply and dries quickly to a beautiful velvet flat finish. It will be suitable for use on exterior house doors, shutters, walls, clapboard, shingles, shakes, trim, plywood, galvanized metal, stucco, masonry, brick and asbestos siding.


Burr states in writing that the exterior of your residence will be left neat, clean and free of all debris upon completion and that we follow the paint manufacture’s published application instructions so your warranty won’t be voided. Your cedar siding and trim, whether you prefer that always-looking-new stained or painted appearance OR you enjoy that clean, weathered cedar look, will be handled entirely by Burr’s new custom painting service. You don’t need to paint, paint again, or have it painted by less-than-professional painters, ever again! And it doesn’t matter if your cedar siding is red cedar with colored or clear-coat stain or paint, or white cedar with colored or bleaching oil stain or paint. And it doesn’t matter if your rot-crack-hail-termite-paint peel resistant composite siding, like Hardie Plank, eventually needs attention either. Call (866) 305-6750 and schedule your free, cheerful, no-obligation consultation today and learn all about your paint solution options. Solution #2, for your home’s interior Burr’s professional standards, honed and refined through outstanding exterior roofing, siding, windows, gutters, doors installation, since 1969, will now also be applied to the interior painting of your home too. Anyone who’s ever painted their house knows how important surface preparation is. Here’s what will happen BEFORE your interior painting even starts…



First, you need to:

  1. Remove all pictures, wall hangings, draperies, curtains, window treatments and small decorative and breakable items from the area to be painted.
  2. Remove the heavy contents of any furniture, such as drawers or cabinets.




Then we will:

  1. Move all furniture to the center of the room. We will return them to their original positions.
  2. Cover and protect all furniture and flooring.
  3. Remove all nails, picture hooks and the like from the walls. We will NOT reinstall these afterwards. If you prefer, we can accommodate your request to leave any existing wall fasteners but please note that cutting in around these penetrations will affect the final finish.
  4. Remove all electrical switch and outlet plates. These we will reinstall at the completion of the project.
  5. Spot scrape and sand any loose, cracked or peeling surfaces.
  6. Fill with joint compound, tape (if needed), and sand all holes, cracks and voids in subject walls and ceiling surfaces.
  7. Fill with flexible caulk any voids in the woodwork joints.
  8. Prime with a top quality oil-based stain killer all existing stains and freshly compound surfaces.


Those are the hard parts and the most important parts. Because both the finished quality and durability depends largely on pre-paint preparation. These steps are known to most. They are the same steps that keep homeowners from performing and enjoying a paint project. They are many of the same steps the so-called professionals cut out to bid lower and/or make more profit. But only AFTER all preparations are thorough and complete will we proceed with FINISH paint.


  1. All currently painted interior surfaces, within the previously defined scope of work, will be completed with TWO (2) finish coats of nationally-recognized premium latex interior house paint. All paint will be brush and /or roller applied to assure maximum coverage and protection.
  2. This nationally recognized premium interior latex house paint will offer:
    1. paint technology that provides a more durable, uniform finish.
    2. paint matching technology that can reproduce their colors in their full depth and richness with superior fade resistance.
    3. smooth application properties.
    4. increased washability & stain resistance; superb durability for a finish that stands up to scuff marks, stains and repeated washings.
    5. long lasting mildew resistance that performs well in all environments.
    6. VOC Compliant to national and OTC regulations.
    7. minimal residual odor so you can get back to enjoying your room(s) sooner.
  3. Surface Finishes:
    • Might we suggest…
      1. ceilings be “flat” finish
      2. walls be “matte” finish
      3. trim be “semi-gloss” finish


NOTE: This includes the trim of any wood-framed windows if previously painted or if this is your desire. Make sure to ascertain if your painting contractor includes this very important finish feature. All subject interior rooms will be left neat, free of all debris and broom clean upon completion. Final “fine” cleaning by homeowner will be needed. Again, we will reinstall all switch & outlet plates and return furniture their original positions. So is something as important as the look of your house…  inside and out, and your valuable time something worth doing yourself, with lots of “help”, or leaving to anyone who claims to be a residential painter? Make your Smart Choice. Call Burr. We’ll come in, explain all your painting options, do the very best professional painting and clean up, and leave you only to enjoy the finished beauty of a fresh, newly custom painted house, inside and out. Can it be any easier than that? Nope, it can’t! So stop dreaming about what your house can look like and call Burr NOW, (866) 305-6750 or Contact Us. Get the house you dream about coming home to!